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Message from the General Partner

栗林総合法律事務所 代表弁護士 栗林 勉
Tsutomu Kuribayashi, General Partner, Kuribayashi Sogo Law Office

For more than 10 years, ever since its establishment in 2003, Kuribayashi Sogo has been providing highly specialized legal services to Japanese and foreign companies.

Our mission is to support the development of businesses, both Japanese and foreign, in all legal aspects, by providing top-quality legal services, underpinned by our high work ethics as legal professionals. Kuribayashi Sogo Law Office provides legal services to a large number of clients, both domestic and foreign, in a wide range of practice areas, including litigation, international transactions, M&A, finance, insolvency, and general corporate legal affairs.

As Japanese companies become increasingly international, our clients find themselves in business environments that are undergoing dramatic changes. The Firm’s top priority is to see things from our clients’ perspective and gain their confidence, and our attorneys and staff members constantly strive to cultivate their individual skills and to provide high added-value services, both comprehensively and in specialized fields.

Our Philosophy

With the goal of protecting fundamental human rights and achieving social justice, which is the mission shared by all attorneys, and with the shared mission of contributing to society and the nation through support of corporate economic activities and resolution of disputes among individuals, we combine the specialized skills of our individual attorneys and staff members into an integral whole, and the Firm engages in its practice as one.
We always bear in mind that the disputes that occur in society are deeply rooted in the existence and dignity of individuals and that the application and enforcement of legal norms can bear heavily on the lives of individuals and the existence of society, and we strive to ensure that the application and enforcement of all laws are supported by awareness of norms and the professional ethics of the legal profession.
High Quality
Firm attorneys through their daily practice endeavor to train and study, using the extensive knowledge and experience that they have gained from their work to contribute to maintaining and enhancing industrial development and the international competitiveness of companies and to contribute to the creation of new values and the development of industrial foundations based on high ethical standards.

Our Objectives

Recruitment of Exceptional Human Resources and Professional Development
In light of the important roles that legal professionals play in today’s society, we proactively recruit talented young attorneys and train them as professionals to produce abundant human resources who can make real contributions to society. Young attorneys are given the opportunity to study at overseas law schools or undergo practical training at overseas law firms and gain new knowledge, experience, and expertise through internal training and courses conducted by bar associations and other outside organizations. We strive to deepen our interaction with the great variety of people we come to know through our work and to develop strong interpersonal relationships as members of society.
Provision of the Highest-Quality Services
Utilizing the knowledge and experience gained from past cases, we engage in our work with flexible and creative thinking. We work tirelessly to employ the best practices in all matters, and we eagerly undertake the challenges of new fields. We have built cooperative relationships with outside experts in many fields in Japan and overseas.
Information Dissemination and Contribution to Society
By remaining aware that the mission of an attorney is to ensure the rule of law, thereby protecting human rights and achieving social justice, we carry out our work at all times with a high work ethic and a spirit of self-discipline. To contribute to the development of social infrastructure, the Firm periodically holds international legal seminars and disseminates information through publications, lectures, and other public relations activities. In addition to pro bono work such as criminal defense and free legal consultations, we participate in all aspects of the formulation and enforcement of laws and regulations and work within the context of our relationship with society.

Law Firm Information

Firm NameKuribayashi Sogo Law Office
General PartnerTsutomu Kuribayashi
Address501 BUREX Koujimachi Bldg. 3-5-2 Koujimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0083
Office Hours9:30~18:00 (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays)
Contact Usinfo@kslaw.jp
Number of Lawyers2
Areas of Practice・International Transactions, Cross-Border Dispute Resolution
・Litigation and Dispute Resolution
・M&A・Business Succession
・General Corporate Law
・Bankruptcy and Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings
・Personal Legal Consultations