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Our firm belongs to eurolegal, a network of small and medium-sized law firms in Europe that share information, introduce projects, handle cases jointly, and socialize. One law firm is recognized as a member of each European country and includes most European countries, including the UK, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Poland. From outside Europe, only three law firms, from Japan, Hong Kong and the United States, are recognized as members and can attend meetings. We have been awarded membership as one of the three law firms outside of Europe.  

In Europe, the EU now allows people and goods and services to move freely, so most cases cannot be resolved in one country alone, and legislation in multiple countries may need to be considered. Large-scale corporations have offices in each country and can share information with each other, but small and medium-sized companies often do not have sufficient systems to resolve more complex cross border cases.

Therefore, organizations such as Eurolegal are extremely valuable as organizations that can compensate for this. We frequently take advantage of EuroLegal's member firms and quickly respond to legal issues in Europe for Japanese clients.

International Bar Association( IBA )

The International Bar Association (IBA) is a voluntary association of lawyers, judges, and other legal stakeholders founded in 1947. Over 40,000 lawyers and over 200 bar associations from around the world participate. The Japan Federation of Bar Associations, the Tokyo Bar Association, etc. are also members of the group, and due to the strength of the IBA, judges from the Japanese Supreme Court participate every year.

The firm has been participating in the IBA since its establishment, and has attended meetings in Boston, Chicago, New York, Hong Kong, etc., at the annual general meeting held each fall. The IBA is attended by many US and European lawyers, but the importance of the Asian region has been recognized, and in 2014, the IBA General Assembly was held in Tokyo for the first time in the Asian region east of India. The Tokyo Bar Association is now hosting foreign customers.

At the General Assembly, presentations are made by various committees, and it is a place to discuss issues facing lawyers around the world, especially in the Management Committee, where discussions on the operation of law firms were held. Topics that are extremely relevant for attorneys are covered. For example, topics such as establishing a foreign branch of a European office, acquiring another law firm, diving up a firm, and buying corporate real estate.

In addition, the Arbitration Committee exchanges the latest information on arbitration procedures for intellectual property disputes, etc. There are also a number of other committees within the IBA that are of interest to Japanese lawyers, such as the Committee on Human Rights, the Committee on Business in East Asia, and the Committee on Bankruptcy Procedures. We look forward to continuing to participate with the members of the Tokyo Bar Association's International Committee.



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