Legal Fees

Expenses and Attorney Fees

Our attorney fees will either be (1) flats fee agreed upon in advance or (2) fees calculated based on the time that attorneys actually spend on the matter (hourly rates), depending on the particulars of a case. When representing foreign companies, we generally apply hourly rates. The hourly rates are 30,000 to 35,000 yen (not including consumption taxes) for partners and 20,000 to 30,000 yen for associates.

Whether a flat fee or hourly rates will apply depends on the nature of the specific matter. Please inquire to find out which method of billing will apply to a specific matter.

In both cases, in principle the Firm will prepare and execute a fee agreement (or engagement agreement) with the client in advance, and to the extent possible we indicate in advance how the attorney fee will be calculated. In certain cases, we will set a fee ceiling to prevent costs from increasing beyond expectations, and if it looks as if the fee will exceed that amount, we will consult with the client on how to proceed.

Please refer to the following concerning the fee calculation method in both cases. We will bill expenses and advances separately. If the payer is a domestic corporation, payments are subject to tax withholding.
Hourly rates of each of each attorney × Total time used for the case